SBA Express Business Loan

SBA Express Business Loan provides an alternative funding solution via short-term loans of $26,000 to $2,000,000 to fund specific purchases or working capital needs. We're different than most financing sources because we make loan decisions based primarily on your business's cash flow, not physical assets. Our loans do not require a mortgage, so they close quickly.
The PBI Global Funding Benefits:
  • Simple and quick application and approval process
  • Fixed daily or weekly payment depending on what is best for your business
  • Know exactly what is coming out each day/week
  • 10% Downpayment is the usual amount need from the client
  • The terms for working capital loans range from 6-24 months and the average rates range from 14 - 30%.                                                                                                                                               
No Collateral up to $25,000 Qualification RequirementsThe Small Business Administration Express program offers streamlined and expedited loan procedures. If you have a 680 FICO credit score and you are.  The terms of SBA Express loans are 10 years with variable interest rates (Prime + 4.75%). The interest rate as of 4/1/2013 is 8.00% (9.12%APR).
For SBA Express loans, expect the application to funding process to take anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

SBA 7(a) Loan - Collateralized - up to $5,000,000
SBA 7(a) loans have variable interest rates and terms up to 25 years. The interest rate is tied to the Prime Rate + a margin of 2-3%.

The average current rate as of 4/1/2013 is 5.5% (6.25% APR).For 7(a) loans, Expect the process from application to funding to take anywhere from 2-6 months.Each transaction is unique. To get more information about your specific situation please contact us directly and speak with a SBA Lending Specialist.