1.    PBIGF Asset Lending Application filled out in Full

2.    (6) months of bank statements  &  Merchant Statement
Please include month to date if we are more than halfway through the month


This should allow you to send PBIGFUNDING more files for a look as we no longer need to hassle the client with proof of ownership, pictures of assets or anything like that to get them an offer. 


After the offer is accepted here is what the process will look like: 



Real Estate ; Client accepts offer and the strips will be:


- BPO and Title payment authorization from client as they must pay for this Real Estate work upfront on all files

-  Copy of tax bill to each property being pledged

-  Copy of most recent mortgage statement if debt on property

-  Copy of the 1st page (declaration page) of the homeowners’ insurance policy if property is free and clear 


Vehicles; Client accepts offer and the strips will be:

-  Copy of the title, registration & insurance

-  Picture of the vehicle
-  picture of the odometer 


Equipment; Client accepts offer and the strips will be:

-  A list of equipment
- Make; Model #
- Serial #



Using Assets To Collateralize Your Loan Provides:Much Higher Funding Amounts

Asset based loans can be a much better option for small & medium sized businesses.  This program can help you obtain anywhere from $10k to $1MM in funding.  There are three types of asset based loans and we can now provide both.

1. Title Based – Any asset with a title can be used as collateral including cattle, vehicles, and real estate.  As long as your business has enough revenue to make payments.  Credit score is not a factor.

2. Real Estate – This is a category better known to some as Hard Money & Acquisition/Construction Financing.  Financing is based more on the project in question, but you will need to provide documentation.  To have your project considered, please download the checklist on this link hereand submit it to us for review.

3. Valuable Goods – For every other type of asset you have that you want to be considered, this is an alternative option.  This category does not include real estate and we can get you up to 70%-80% of the value of the goods.  There is no credit check and your money is available within hours, but the assets will be stored in a vault or other offsite premises.

Your credit score is usually not a factor in qualifying, so, there is no minimum score.  The amount of funding can be up to 2 times your monthly revenue and/or 65% of the value of your assets.  Most importantly, your current loan balances do not matter and do not necessarily need paid off to achieve this loan.

This program is designed to provide small businesses with the working capital they need when they need it.  We are a private, direct lender and have our own underwriting guidelines (different from the banks).  We make funding decisions in a matter of days. Where a bank may deny a strong business based on the owner’s personal credit score, we look at the overall health of the business to provide financing to business owners with less than perfect credit.

Find Out How Much You Qualify For, Download The Application Here:  Asset Application Download (PDF)


Asset Based Financing highlights:

  • $25,000 minimum

  • $1,000,000 maximum

  • $60,000 average loan size

  • 24-month terms possible

  • No minimum credit score

  • Asset with a title collateral required

  • 4-months minimum business history

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly payment Options

  • End of term balloon payment

  • Loan can be paid off anytime with no prepayment penalty