PBI Global Funding provides advisory to Finance specializes in aircraft loans for late model, standard category, general aviation aircraft operated and based within the United States. Our competitive aircraft financing program offers many aviation industry exclusives including a 10% down payment option for qualified applicants.

PBI Global Funding will finance both piston and turbo-prop airplanes operated under FAR Part 91 (Personal & Business Use). An experienced crew is standing by to walk you through the airplane financing process.

We proudly offer:

  • Long-Term Fully Amortized Loans with No Balloon Payment

  • Reduced Customized Down Payment Options

  • Stated Income Loan Program Available to Qualified Applicants

  • Unique Low Adjustable Rate Option with Initial Fixed Rate

  • Financing Late Model Aircraft Piston & Turbo-Prop

  • Speak With Experienced 30+ Year Aircraft Lender/ATP

  • No Application Fee Or Closing Points

  • Hassle-Free Priority White Glove Service

Applying is simple and can be completed online. Click here to apply and view the easy steps of our Aircraft Loan Process.

Document Review

  • Your application will be reviewed by a Aircraft Finance Lender and you will be contacted by phone or email generally within one business day or sooner.

Signing of Contracts

  • Upon approval,  Aircraft Finance will set a closing date, prepare documents and will send documents electronically or expressed to you for signature.

Fund of  Transaction

  • After loan documents are signed and returned, application has final approval and closing conditions are satisfied, Aircraft Finance will provide the funds for your purchase.


Please obtain the following information on each aircraft so I can start my due diligence: 


1.  Type of aircraft year make model, specs including hours
​2.  Is it air worthy - maintenance up to date
​3. Proof of ownership - title
​4. Location - airport 
​5. Loan amount requesting
​6.  Current Photos of aircraft 

7.  are the aircraft currently in a hanger (private/public)
8.Client name, Owner ship percentage
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