Puerto Rico Cash Advance
















Puerto Rico Cash Advance of up to $500,000 to qualifying restaurant, service, and retail businesses. The funds can be used for any purpose, such as:

  • Buying new equipment and/or remodeling

  • Increasing working operating capital

  • Hiring employees, advertising, or investing in a new product

  • Paying taxes or emergency expenses

With a Puerto Rico Cash Advance, PBI Funding purchases a specified amount of your future credit card receivables in exchange for an up-front cash advance. The receipts are collected over time via a previously agreed upon percentage of your credit card receivables; the time period is typically seven to twelve months. Your payments to us vary with your credit card receivables, which reduces your risk of having to make high payments when business slows down.

The PBI Funding Advantage:

  • Simple and quick application and approval process

  • No points

To qualify, your businesses must average at least $5,000 in monthly Visa and MasterCard sales with a minimum of 30 transactions.


Required Documentation for Funding

1 PBI Global Lending Application
(6) Months Business Bank Statements
(6) Months Business Processing Statements [If They Utilize Credit Card Processing]