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PBI Global Lending (PBIGL) is a full service advisory partnered with senior secured media lender(s) which allow for our firm to structure credit financing offers & advisory to films, television, podcast, and new media projects. We provides loans structures & offers, or an “advance”, which is secured by defined and unencumbered collateral, such as pre-sales agreements (i.e. Minimum Guarantees), tax credits and tax rebates, negative pick ups, etc.). We also provides bridge loans, corporate loans and cash flow solutions to media projects, producers and companies alike. We can financing all over the world US, UK, Asia, Africa, Australia

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of producer, project, creative team or company is PBIGL able to assist?

PBIGL is able to work with filmmakers across the spectrum of experience and pedigree; our advisory arm of the company was built on assisting and providing value to early stage filmmakers with the same dedication that we provide our world-class clients. If your project financing opportunity has a significant element of unencumbered collateral (i.e. An asset without any lien or “charge”), We would be pleased to consider financing your project with our various incubator finance teams and distribution strategies. 

How does PBIGL decide which projects to get involved with?

First and foremost, We always prefers to partner with great producers and creative teams who have done the early leg work on their project (which might include talent, equity investors, executive producer attachments, or other compelling elements which prove to us you are serious about making your project). The second most important criterion is whether or not a senior lending opportunity actually exists at this time, or if the project is more speculative in nature. As a senior lender advisory firm, We are almost always the “last dollar” into a project finance plan. In other words, We are able to lend when the pieces of production are in place (or are being put in place with another institutional, as with a bridge loan opportunity). We do not invest equity into projects.

At what stage can I bring a project / opportunity to PBIGL?

PBIGL is able to begin reviewing projects in the early development phase to assist with structuring and guidance of the finance plan. However, PBIGL is only able to provide capital for projects that are in pre-production, production, post-production or completed which in all cases have sufficient unencumbered collateral available.

Are there specific sales companies, distributors, jurisdictions (states, countries, regions) that PBIGL is unable to work with?

There are not necessarily pre-approved (or auto-denied) loan applications on the basis of the Payors (e.g. sales and distribution companies, tax credit offices etc.). However, PBIGFL’s appetite to invest in your project may be influenced by our view of the Payors creditworthiness today, jurisdiction, or even specific elements of the underlying contract. We are always happy to help guide your project toward our many first class partners (whether distributors, vendors, sales agents, executive producers etc.) which earn our stamp of approval after withstanding the test of time and experience.

What are the next steps in getting started with PBIGL Media Advisory?

PBIGL welcomes project submissions 24/7. Applications submitted electronically through our website email at

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What are the next steps in getting lets get to shooting content!

PBIGL welcomes project submissions 24/7. Applications submitted electronically through our website  via email at