PBI Global Funding can provide a banking solution to monetize all financial instruments world wide. For any Bank Guarantee (BG), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC), Mid Term Notes (MTN), Long Term Notes (LTN), Funding or Monetization inquiries, please go to: INFO@PBIGFUNDING.COM


Banking Services - SBLC, LC, LTN
All Medium Term Notes (MTN), Bond and Bank Guarantees (BG) transactions must be completed via SWIFT ONLY screenshot of custodial account that has ownership of the bond and the company KYC| CIS. We typically provide 65-70% face value of the bond. Please make sure your financial institution has SWIFT capabilities. We are unable to block on DTC. We do NOT joint venture with any clients. The leased products are for clients who are able to pay the fees for the services required.


The group takes great precautions in protecting the clients interest, confidentiality, and money. For their security, ALL invoices are embedded in contracts and all fees are sent ONLY to Headquarters of the client