Sango Inc Nyc - S.I.N Market Place Sponsor

Pbi Global Lending has partnered up with one of our early stage seed companies Sango Inc NYC market place. SangoIncNyc - (SIN) is a online market place incubator in Hartford Connecticut. We are located in the cloud as our market place. Our focus and niche is bring people from all walks of like to buy, selling, and trading of goods for mutual gains. It is a online website app that connects the client to the direct supplier.

Sango Market place will show case local and regional business owners and industry experts talking in interviews their journey in business.

The one of the founders of Sango Inc is a native born and raised Nigerian. As a youth it was common for his mother or grandmother to take him there to barter, buy, or sell goods. Below is a replica of Sango Ota as its popularly called is located at the outskirt of Lagos state in Lago Nigeria. It is the most populated city in Ogun state and the most developed city in the same state. Being that the ideal buy, trader and sell theme would be a great origin to why we invested in SangoIncNyc - (SIN).

Coming Soon..

press release by: Mandy Diorri


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