Family-Office financing for Cannabis

Having options and choices in life is only a good thing. Simply stated, the more options we give to merchants, the better we all look. And, I am not just talking about options from different MCA lenders. Just last week, we gave several merchants offers that had proposals from different lenders, each of which wanted to leverage a business’ commercial real estate and their AR, as well as give them a MCA to bridge the gap until the secured deal can be completed. Below are the details for one of the deals:

Industry: Cannabis Distribution

ROIRMonthly revenues: $400,000

Credit: 685

Term Offers:

Real Estate: $4.5 million/15 year term

6% per annum

Inventory: 65% of cost to produce at

2% per month.

Unsecured: $485,000/15 months/1.29


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