Equipment Loans for the Cannabis industry

As accredited investors in the cannabis industry, we realize that a financial instrument revolving around equity may seem like the only way to get a sizable amount of money to grow the business, we want to present you with completely financing options secured and unsecured. Some of the benefits of using our capital as your solution are: 

  • Funding up to $5 million 

  • Full process takes 24-72 hours once you submit the application and corresponding 4-6 months bank statements to get funds into your account for Unsecured Revenue based products. 

  • Secured CRE full process takes approximately 4 Weeks to materialize into funding.

  • Unsecured - We can fund without encumbering any of the company's assets (will not interfere with any other financing products/equity deals you may be working on). 

  • Secured - blanket UCC on the property

  • Unsecured product is Structured as a Purchase of future receivables - Can be accounted for on the Balance Sheet as a Payable rather than Debt. This an advantage for companies bridging to an IPO or Series A, B, etc.

Since there is such a void in the market for non-dilutive financing options, our mission is to be the largest provider of growth capital to companies in the Cannabis space.  We can get very creative in how we structure a deal, and our products can be very versatile to pair with other types of financing as well as bridging to other opportunities. You will see below attached is product offerings for Secured / Unsecured / and merchant processing services.  We would love to hop on a call to discuss in further detail and figure out a way for us to structure a deal that makes sense for your business model. Let us know what your availability is like this week so we can coordinate. Look forward to hearing back from you. 


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