PBI Global Funding provides venture capital advisory can provide the following alternative solution to these types of transaction.

Are you looking for some financial assistance to mobilize your startup idea? You might want to look into venture capital fund, a type of investment that funnels growth for new startups with high-growth potential.

What does Insta-cart, Airbnb, Stripe, and WeWork have in common? They are all valuable companies backed by venture capital funding. They were once fledgling startups that began with an idea to drive innovation in the market. Today, they are celebrated for their successful trajectory, from their humble beginnings to becoming a behemoth in their industries.  

These archetypal, against-all-odds stories can rouse anyone’s entrepreneurial imagination. However, reality dictates that having an ambition can only get you so far.  These companies wouldn’t be made possible without financial reinforcements.

Specifically, you need capital to start a business. Capital is what pays for rent, payroll, equipment, suppliers, and other assets that activate business operations. If your savings is not enough, you might want to tap capital investments externally. One of the best sources of capital for startups is venture capital.


  • Export and Import

  • Aircraft trading

  • Financial Insurance

  • Global Projects Funding

  • Trade Finance Instruments

  • Monetization Financial Instruments

  • Trading of Crude oil and Petroleum products

  • Financing construction/real estate development in Canada


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